GX2 Dev4Startups Program

Dev4Startups – Software House for Startups


The Dev4Startups program brings the solution on development for startups: a complete software factory with infrastructure + free mentoring for 3 months by a business committee focused on the startups market. It is the perfect combo for anyone who needs to structure or start strategy at startups.


Know more about the program at gx2.com.br/en/dev4startups


Frederico, CEO of Elysios Smart Farming is supported by GX2 as part of the Dev4Startups program. In this testimony he brought a little bit of what work is like with the startup: focused on the business and results. He also tells how mentoring was essential for the structuring they sought as a company. Check out the full statement:


“To talk a little about the GX2 Dev4Startups program, it is good to mention the moment of our company: it was at a time when we assembled a group of people with will, but not with so much technical capacity focused on a business vision. Each one already knew and had already worked with their area, but only with parts of it.

GX2, with the Dev4Startups program, was able to help us unify this. Professionalize, organize the team, adjust the technologies we were using, the product and programming vision that we should follow.

We advise this program due to the mentoring, accompaniment and how much it has added in terms of technology development within our company. When you participate in this type of program, you try to make your company grow, and with the mentoring we were able to identify our challenges, which we did not know completely before. It almost a “joke”, in the good sense, how much knowledge the program has added to us and that we will take with our company, compared to what we already paid one day with other programs of this type.

The best part about the program, for us, is the mentoring, which was essential for our improvement of vision as a company, of strategy, technology and programming. It was also the ability of the GX2 team to really help us make decisions that fit our moment, and our position as a startup, which in itself still presents a lot of risk and other variables that a normal company does not need to consider. They helped us thinking about our situation, with the priorities that need to be considered in startups as cash, a need for rapid growth and MVPs to be built all the time. Seeing this scenario together with GX2 was essential for the moment that we are today as a company, and that is the main reason for supporting GX2 and the Dev4Startups program. ”


Frederico Apollo Brito, CEO at Elysios Smart Farming