2018 Retrospective – GX2 Software House

Just as we do in retrospective meetings, the time has come to look back and learn from the mistakes and successes, to have a better 2019. And 2018 was excellent, but we always want more.

In 2018 many things happened at our software house. Many projects were delivered, and of the most varied types… we went from Cobol AS / 400 to software on the Web platform and mobile applications.

We had a great growth in 2018 and this occurred in an organic, thoughtful and responsible way. In addition to the leap in the size of our team, we added new technologies, such as the new Java and Cobol teams.

Growth is not only about team size, but also about the quality of our team. And that is why we bet a lot on training. Today, all members of the Genexus team are certified. Speaking of quality, still in 2018, our QA team trained in Automated Tests for web and Mainframe systems (yes, automated tests on black screen).

We have always been very connected in agile methodologies. And after a lot of study and benchmarking, we adopted many DevOps practices in addition to migrating from Scrum to Kanban, a more fluid methodology that fits more into our DNA.

However, as I started the post, we held Scrum retrospective meetings, which we do once a month. Our retrospectives are very rich. They generate a series of ideas and solutions that come from within our team. This only happens when you have an engaged team that seeks continuous improvement. And that we have.

“We are convinced that 2019 will be even better than 2018, we have an incredible team!

Leonardo Toller is Team Leader at GX2.