Healthy ways to face the home office

The home office is here to stay, but with it many discussions about employee health.

Adjusting to reality is inevitable. But how to do this avoiding damage?

ambiente saudável home office

In this special post you will read:

1) Home office and hybrid work model

2) Strategies to make your home office healthier

3) How to make the home office more productive

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1) Home office and hybrid work model

The home office work model allows the employee to work from anywhere. Also known as remote work or telework, the home office can be 100% remote or hybrid.

In the hybrid model, the employee physically attends the company a few days a week. This system has been adopted by companies to ensure face-to-face contact, which they believe is also important for exchanging ideas and questions of belonging.

We are beings made to socialize and remote work ends up taking a little bit of this aggregating part of us.

In the GX2 we operate 100% remotely and also in the hybrid model. We always evaluate the best scenario for each professional individually.

2) Strategies to make your home office healthier

Concerned about healthy ways to live remote work, we separate some important habits to adopt:

Set limits (for others and for yourself) This is perhaps one of the main challenges of the home office. Usually you want to show that you are productive, because it is a more flexible job and away from your manager’s eyes. This can result in extra hours worked without even realizing it and a very large overload. By setting limits, you don’t run the risk of overloading yourself.

Define your workspace. Where in the house will your work desk be? Choose a bright and comfortable place. Try to have a good chair to maintain good posture and if possible get up every 45 minutes to have a water, move as much as you can.

Create a routine. Establish a time to work and do your ritual, for example, have breakfast before starting work, plan your lunch time and breaks. In your daily routine, adopt rituals that will do you good.

Don’t forget to hit the dot. To avoid charges and stress, telecommuting must be responsible, so don’t forget to hit your point online and deliver your demands at the agreed time and date.

Reminder: You’re not running a marathon, so take it easy. Remote work can generate anxiety for the delivery of demands. Adopt a more relaxed posture.

Try to exercise and eat healthy. Don’t forget that your health is your most precious asset.

3) How to make the home office more productive

It is important to prepare an environment in which you can concentrate, having an internet connection and other tools necessary to perform your job, in addition to creating discipline and focus to work from home as if you were in the office.

Follow these tips:

A good internet connection is essential: it serves to ensure your productivity at home. Check this detail and, if applicable, upgrade the connection.

If you use a laptop at work and can take it home, you’ve already come a long way to be productive at home.

Use free tools for meetings (call).

Dress comfortably.

Avoid interference.

Choose a quiet location.

Now tell us, what’s your favorite work model?


  • Hybrid
  • 100% remote
  • In person