The AgiMobil system was created to make Agiplan correspondents’ business visits more agile and easy to record. It aims to record visits and from the recorded information, managers can extract management data for decision making and provide correspondents with information, supporting them in the search for better commercial performance by working with goals and supporting the prioritization of visits.

Mobile sales force app for registering correspondent visits and prioritizing customers to be visited, based on previously established goals. Companies that had Sales Force applications developed by GX2: Mobibox, Mapa da Mina, Exatron, GP Pneus etc.


The app allowed managers to obtain managing data for decision making in addition to supplying information to correspondents, supporting them in the search for better performance.


Web Platform, with .Net and Mobile (iOS and Android)


Use of Geolocation captured in a “silent” way through Push Notification to present the correspondents’ actions on a map