Tracbel needed a solution that would allow its customers to request and monitor the maintenance of their equipment through their cell phones, even when they are in areas without a connection, where it would be possible to perform such a task, and when they return to areas with a connection, transmit the information automatically, ensuring agility and no loss of relevant information.

App that allows the customer to warn about any problem in their machine and get immediate service. Allows the customer to follow up the services performed; register their fleet to expedite future service; use geolocation to request the visit of a technical consultant; inform if the machine has stopped for any specific reason and attach photos of the equipment, panel or any part of the machine that appears damaged.


“In two weeks we developed the first version of the native app for iOS and Android with multimedia and offline features and automatic synchronization, with GX2 counseling. In 4 weeks we already had the application available in the App Store and Google Play stores”, adds the IT coordinator of the Tracbel Group, Alan Alencar.


Web Platform, with Java and Mobile (iOS and Android)


Integration with SAP through PI (Process Integrator)