GX2 arrives in Belo Horizonte

GX2 inaugurated its new branch in Belo Horizonte – MG in November. Completing 10 years in the market, the company started in early 2019 its expansion program, which aims to obtain both an increase in market share in the Brazilian market and structuring to operate in the international market. For national growth, the company expanded its business, in addition to Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo, to the Minas Gerais market, with Belo Horizonte as a strategic point for its expansion plan.

The economy of the region, as well as in other places in rapid development, is experiencing an intense process of digital transformation and there is a high demand for IT solutions – customer experience, artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, bots, automation, mobile apps and more. In addition, there is a search for the definition of a digital culture, Agile and DevOps culture within companies – a culture that is already part of GX2’s DNA.

In the mining market, some sectors have stood out as vectors of innovation and economic development, among which we can highlight the financial sector (banks, insurance companies and fintechs), mining and steel, the automotive market and the startups ecosystem – which in addition to standing out in quality and results, has gained international recognition. It is in this context, full of opportunities and challenges, that GX2 seeks to win new customers, expand its operating territory and continuously develop its human and technological capital.

In addition to the new home, he joined the team to lead the new mining operation Bruno Hostalácio, a technology executive with over 15 years of market experience. The connection came through a relationship of the past with GX2, acting as CIO of Tracbel, Bruno had the business partner of GX2 for many years. In 2009, in the first year of GX2, this partnership was initiated to carry out software development and digital transformation projects. Bruno followed the service trajectory for all these years and in this professional relationship of great trust, in conversation with Luiz Garcia, CEO of GX2, the possibility of a partnership arose to consolidate GX2’s performance in the mining market.

“Moments like this show us that doing a good job from the beginning makes us reap benefits not only in the moment, but also in the future. This relationship that started in 2009 has now culminated in a partnership to open a new GX2 subsidiary, and it certainly wouldn’t have been happening had it not been for the trust, satisfaction in our work and the quality that we deliver every year as partners with our customers. ” says Luiz Garcia.

“Taking over the leadership of the GX2 operation in Belo Horizonte at this time, where the state economy is betting on and strongly demanding digital transformation and software development initiatives, is a privilege. The history of success, maturity and commitment to the results of its customers that GX2 has will allow me to use my experience in technology applied to the business, in this crucial period for the economy of Minas Gerais and for the information technology sector. ”, Adds Bruno Hostalácio.

The forecast for billing of the new GX2 mining headquarters is to reach 3.2 million reais in 2020 and to reach a growth of 60% in the second year, reaching 5.2 million reais in billing. This new headquarters is just another step in GX2’s expansion plan, which also aims to enter international markets now.