GX2 in the “Successful Entrepreneurs” Program

GX2 was the stage for the latest edition of BandNews’ “Entrepreneurs of Success” program. The differentials in the provision of IT services were the highlight of the report, as well as the human resources management model practiced by the company.

According to the executive director, Luiz Felipe Garcia, the company operates on two main pillars: Outsourcing and the Software Factory. In both, the focus on innovation and training helps the GX2 team to achieve excellent results. The professionals are trained to act as strategic partners, with the look of a consultant, to add value to the business and generate optimized and specific solutions for each situation.

The BandNews team was at the headquarters in Porto Alegre / RS, knowing a little about what makes GX2 a prominent company in the digital transformation process of its customers and partners. The company, which has 80% of the team certified in at least one of the technologies it operates, invests in a relaxed environment, offering recreational games, snacks and drinks, creating a cozy environment to ensure the productivity and needs of its employees.

In addition, the Human Resources sector has a team of psychologists who work with professional coaching and help employees to remain focused and motivated in the search for excellent results.

With operations throughout the national territory and with units in Porto Alegre / RS and São Paulo / SP, it works with medium and large customers and that year began the structuring process to internationalize and operate in the foreign market. He has expertise in developing solutions for the Web and Mobile platforms, developing from simpler to highly complex solutions and using more emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence. GX2 is a company prepared to deliver the most suitable solution for each scenario, combining need, technology and results.

Watch the video of the report:

GX2 in the " Successful Entrepreneurs" Program