GX2 participates in a mission to the United Kingdom, with the participation of Durham Business University, SEBRAE-RS and FIERGS.


Entourage with nine entrepreneurs visiting Durham University Business School, in the United Kingdom.


From March 11 to 15, Luiz Garcia, executive director of GX2, was present on a mission to the United Kingdom in the presence of the president of the State Deliberative Council (CDE) of SEBRAE-RS and also the president of the Federation of State Industries (FIERGS ), Gilberto Porcello Petry, accompanied by the technical director of SEBRAE-RS, Ayrton Pinto Ramos, together with nine other businessmen visiting Durham University Business School, with the aim of promoting and bringing relations between countries closer.



Roundtable panel with political members and entities that support the internationalization of companies.


Various topics were discussed regarding the internationalization of companies, international marketing actions, how to enhance results in the foreign market and the promotion of participation in business rounds. The meeting was also attended by representatives of government authorities and private entities, financial institutions, incubators, institutes and technological centers, including the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses), an entity similar to SEBRAE, and DTI (Department of Trade and Industry ), who have shown great interest in establishing future partnerships.



Left: Luiz Garcia, executive director of GX2, presenting how the company operates and its differentials. / Right: Networking among event participants.


GX2, the only company on this committee in the IT segment, had an excellent response. “We realized that we are very technically prepared to meet the demands of the foreign market, we often do not value what we have. I could see that the solutions that are built in the foreign market are in many cases technically inferior to what we deliver to our customers in Brazil, both in terms of software and processes ”, says Luiz Garcia.



Visit to NETPark, a scientific park that houses high-tech companies specialized in nanotechnology, X-rays, forensic technology and semiconductors.


Visits were made to technology hubs, such as NETPark and Proto, the latter located in the city of Newcastle, where you can try out augmented reality, virtual reality solutions and understand how avatars are created for use in the entertainment market (games, movies, holograms, etc.). There were also visits to Tesco’s distribution center (one of the most modern in the world) and to Nissan, with a car assembly plant based on industry 4.0, with 90% of the activities carried out by robots.


Left: Visit to Tesco’s distribution center. / Right: Visit to the Nissan plant.


It was an intense week, with many exchanges of experiences and networking. We have opportunities ahead of us and the certainty that we are prepared to operate inside and outside Brazil, as we have technical know-how and a work methodology that allows us to operate in various markets. We also know that these actions must be ordered and planned so that we can achieve our goal, that is, planning is fundamental! We go ahead exploring markets and showing the world our DNA with the goal of always: not just being an IT supplier, but a Strategic Partner.