GX2 Talks # December2019 and the new trend: The End of Apps

In December there was another GX2 Talks! This edition brought as a theme a trend that promises to transform the use of apps, and resulted in a great exchange of information and discussion on the subject. THE END OF APPS was the subject discussed, addressing how today’s needs are driving digital transformation and redefining the concept of mobility.

Superapps are coming with everything and, by concentrating several services in the same place, they tend to replace idle and specific applications. This trend promises to transform not only the way we interact with apps, but the entire market and the planning of services and customer relationships.

GX2’s CEO, Luiz Garcia, presented the current trend and figures, showing how popular superapps have become, their impact on the market and how we should prepare for these new opportunities.

François Holl, CEO of CRM Kiskadi complemented the subject by sharing his market experiences and what the initial strategy was to be actively present on users’ smartphones.

We closed the night with a round table mediated by Michel Costa, from Exo Hub, where everyone could discuss the challenges and opportunities of the superapps, targeting the different market segments and present experiences

It was a great evening for networking and discussing a topic so high, that besides the pleasant conversation, it had a good barbecue to accompany.

See you at the next GX2 Talks!