GX2 Talks #junho19 had significant conversations focused on Outsourcing

The June edition of GX2 Talks brought together IT leaders for a meeting full of insights, in a happy hour atmosphere.

The event featured a lecture by Michel Costa, from ExoHub, who presented current market numbers and a change in the mindset needed for the moment we are experiencing.

Luciano Mantelli, from Fourge, a partner company that supported this edition, played the role of provoking and presenting his experiences in supporting strategic management to prepare leaders for the inevitable changes that are happening and many others that are yet to come.

Our CEO Luiz Garcia shared his experiences and results presenting the business model of one of GX2’s services, OUTSOURCING. He presented the differentials of GX2 and how it delivers much more than qualified professionals, performing actions that directly impact turnover, with a presentation to the team leaders, showing indicators and management information during the period of allocations.

GX2 thanks everyone who participated and contributed to our meaningful conversations. See you at the next GX2 Talks!