GX2 Test House

In this post, we will go into more detail on how it really works and what is delivered in a testing project.

The GX2 Test Factory works with both projects and software products, regardless of the technology, we can guarantee an excellent quality in deliveries. And when we say that we work with any technology, it is not a bullshit, we develop automated tests even for more rudimentary environments, such as the AS400 platform (Cobol).

Although we have our own methodology, we are able to adapt our way of working to any development process. We can act within Sprints, in continuous cycle flows, or in a more traditional methodology such as the cascade model.

How we budget the project |

First of all, the project needs to be budgeted. For this, we received the functional documentation of the scope to be tested. Based on the documentation, we have evolved to estimate the cost and timeframe of the project.

How we plan the project |

Given the start of the de facto project, we detail the Test Plan, where all test scenarios are raised, as well as the creation of Test Cases. Basically, in the Test Plan it is defined WHAT will be tested and in the Test Cases it is defined HOW it will be tested. Both the Test Plan documentation and the Test Cases are submitted for approval.

How we run the tests |

As soon as we receive the software to be tested, we start running the tests. For each completed test, the status of the Test Case is updated and evidence of the tests performed is sent. The idea is that the interaction with the development team is quite large at this stage, as all reported defects must be corrected and tested again.

How we end the project |

At the end of the test plan execution, we generate a project closure term with all the quality indicators raised during the execution.

Last but not least …

How we measure project quality |

The status report of the project is made daily, where the quality metrics are presented, as well as the evolution of the execution of the tests.

Do you want to add more quality to your deliveries and avoid unnecessary scares when delivering the working software?

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