GX29 Builders – a GeneXus meeting

The largest technology, innovation and business event in Latin America had its 29th edition last week. Held by GeneXus between September 23 and 25 at the Radisson Convention Center in Montevideo, Uruguay, the event brought the theme GX29 Builders. The large construction portion of the GeneXus community is what gives name to this event: Builders. From technology, applications are built that simplify business and strengthen businesses. The goal this year was to discuss the constructive nature of the software and share knowledge about advanced software and smart business.

Issues related to Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Innovation, Blockchain, Big Data, DevOps and more were addressed, focusing on innovative businesses, app development and productivity. The meeting featured more than 150 conferences and more than 90 speakers with an audience of more than 4,000 people from 30 different countries.

Our focus on participating in meetings like this is to see technology being applied to solving real problems, and not doing projects with emerging technologies because it is “fashionable”. This is the case of the libra cryptocurrency (Facebook) and the high-tech train company Hyperloop, which Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, has been developing. Understand how we can generate intelligent, agile solutions that make a difference in the daily lives of our customers, this is our mission!” says Luiz Garcia, the CEO of GX2.

Our team participated in the three days of event and even took the opportunity to get to know GeneXus Labs! Check out the photos of our participation in GX29 Builders:

Team GX2 at GX29 event

With Alejandra Pereiro, GeneXus Training Manager, getting to know GeneXus Labs

GX29 Builders – GeneXus Meeting at radisson convention center in Montevideo

Lecture at GX29 event

Our Executive Director Luiz Garcia with Armin Bachmann, Product Manager of GeneXus