Improvements in Functional Monitoring of GX2 Outsourcing

GX2’s premise is the search for excellence in all the services it provides and the constant search for improvements. In our end-of-year retrospective, we identified that we could further improve our management and employee monitoring process, which is already a success and one of our differentials when it comes to Outsourcing. We joined another outsourcing management team, with a background in Psychology and Coaching, as well as extensive experience in the IT sector (because we know that our talents in the IT segment have their particularities). With this action, we intend to achieve two main objectives: 1) To provide professionals working in the Outsourcing format with greater visibility of their results, accompanying and supporting them in the development of their technical and behavioral skills; 2) To provide our customers / partners with a more complete tool even in terms of the knowledge of each allocated employee, through our Follow Up program and the Functional Accompaniments (Coaching) carried out by GX2.

We know that the organizational climate directly interferes with the productivity and motivation of employees. However, it is a difficult item to measure (but not impossible), as it contains abstract elements – such as the subjectivity of employees, resulting from their interactions within the organization. It is for this reason that we carry out punctual and monthly monitoring with each employee, in order to carry out conflict management and facilitate communication between teams, customers and GX2.

In other words, this work has the mission of promoting the well-being of the team, considering that professional satisfaction is also directly related to productivity. In this way, even with all the challenges that we face daily and pressure from deadlines and results, the work is lighter, the team engaged and confident to achieve the goals.