Procempa – Porto Alegre’s Municipal Data Processing Company, aiming to reduce costs, to have more control of publications and to focus on environmental sustainability, started to have the official journal of the city (DOPA – Diário Oficial de Porto Alegre), only in online version. For that, they needed a system that would improve the process of posting and approving articles, easily and safely.

Thus, we helped facilitate the control of the flow of creation, edition, authorization and publication of the contents of the Official Journal of Porto Alegre.


According to information from Procempa and Porto Alegre City Hall, more than R$440 thousand per year and 30 tons of paper will be saved with the new Official Journal, which is now entirely electronic (without printing on paper).


Web Platform, with Java


Content digitally signed through a private token and linked to the CPF of previously authorized persons, obtained through a digital certificate, with USB input, to guarantee the authenticity of the acts