Outsourcing focused on monitoring

How GX2 has been transforming Outsourcing through its differentiated Follow-Up program and professional presentation process.

Over time we have seen IT companies turn into HR companies. Actions in social networks with promises of work highlighting opportunities for growth, a relaxed environment, professional improvement … Is that so? In practice what we see is the market fighting for professionals who are useful to attend projects, who must have knowledge in specific technologies and who care little if their professional profile is adherent to the characteristics of the clients or the company he is being hired . This is a scenario in which everyone loses: the professional, who does not have a T-shirt, does not have monitoring or feedback on his work, cannot see opportunities or the possibility of professional growth and development; and the client, as the professional is often technically good, but over time he becomes demotivated and at the first opportunity he asks to leave, increasing the turnover rate and wasting the business knowledge acquired over time. The consultancy often exempts itself from this responsibility, says it is from the market, and seeks a replacement of the same, because for them it is a matter of numbers only, billing.

GX2 presents a differentiated business model, with two major focuses: in Follow-Up activities and presentation of professionals. The Follow-Up is a complete diagnosis of the professional, in the X-ray style, sent immediately in his presentation, containing evidence of proficiency and behavioral profile, aspects and general characteristics of the person, as well as references from managers and colleagues. The professional is evaluated on a monthly basis and information related to his performance, testimonies from the leaders, main deliveries and an evolution plan (training and certifications) are collected. This monitoring is synthesized, generating a report that shows the map of all professionals allocated in the company.

We are not an HR company, our professionals have a unique identity, an evolution plan and follow-up worthy of an IT team, with purposes, improvement, innovation and attitude! We are a team, regardless of the physical location, the project and the client we work for. We have the same characteristics and are governed by the same values!

Want to know more? We are 100% available for those who want to know more about our universe. We will be happy to share our experiences and results!

Luiz Garcia