Delivery quality is non-negotiable in our projects.

Regardless of the technology, the Test House operates in software projects and products, seeking quality for the final delivery, where the software is working without further adjustments.
The Status Report at the Factory is periodically made, where quality metrics and the evolution of test execution in each project are presented.

See how our testing process is:


We receive the functional documentation of the scope to be tested, and based on it, we estimate the cost and term of the project.


We survey all test scenarios, defining what will be tested and how.


We start testing the software, and at each conclusion, we update the status and register the test that was done. There is a lot of interaction with the development team, which leads the process of correcting and retesting what was reported to be quick.


At the end of the testing process, when the maximum quality has been reached, we generate a project closure term with all the quality indicators raised during the execution.