TOP GX2 – our theme from 2020 on

For 2020 we decided to innovate (after all, we are always working with innovation!).

We defined a theme to guide our actions and strategies starting this year – or we can say that the theme chose us. 2020 is the release year for Top Gun – Maverick, a sequel to the 1986 film, and it fit in with this new GX2 phase! A year to make a lot of noise!

In the digital era, where those with technology dictate the pace of evolution, the film presents the story of the main character, Maverick (Tom Cruise), and shows that the human factor still makes all the difference – it is ESSENTIAL. That was the reason why we chose the film as a theme for the moment we are living in, of expansion! People, team, partners, that is, our ESSENCE! TOP GX2 comes to remember the importance of being all on the same page, working together to achieve the best results, fighting for what you need to fight for!


Watch the TOP GUN trailer – Maverick



Watch the parody we made based on the film



Keep an eye on our posts, events and team as TOP GX2 will be part of our day to day! There’s much more to come.