Trends for 2019

The main IT trends and how GX2 prepares for the future that has already arrived.

In a scenario that we need almost daily updates, there are certain trends that serve as a basis for an increasingly optimized work and that will give results for companies, because in the end what we are looking for is this, means of achieving our results more efficiently!

1 # Migration of traditional data centers The reduction of data centers, the interconnection between the few that remain and the use of the Data Center as a Service (DCaaS), which promises to eliminate most of this equipment within companies, is a trend that has been consolidating, mainly due to the possibility of scalability and optimization of the use of resources. According to forecasts by consultancy Gartner, until 2020, Infraestructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) services will be greater than the installation of data centers in companies – meaning a gradual reduction of equipment, especially in companies minors. The larger ones will start to adhere to hybrid cloud computing options. In addition to this decrease, the trend is the interconnection between these data centers, which will start to share resources and work together. In practice, this means better defined and dynamic software models, and this sharing is done through APIs.

2 # Microservices and containers A trend in software architecture is the use of microservices and containers for new applications related to development in the cloud. This allows multiple instances of an operating system to be created in isolation, but within the same server. The difference between this form of development and the well-known virtualization is that the container does not need an operating system layer for each application that is used, in this case, the required storage capacity is less. They have the characteristic of being 100% independent, but interact with each other, without communicating directly with the Operating System (OS).

3 # Teams more generalist than experts Trends also point to a 5% reduction in the number of IT specialists hired by 2019, according to Gartner. This is because it is estimated that in 2021, 40% of the team will need to be more than an expert, will need to be versatile, have diverse knowledge (not so in-depth) and be able to perform various functions. It will be important to be able to navigate between the areas of business intelligence, marketing, software development, project management and digital products, as well as architecture and customer experience management.

4 # Artificial Intelligence (AI) It is no longer futurism, it is a reality. Software is no longer just a place for data repository, but tools capable of performing actions such as making decisions based on stored data, answering user questions automatically, recognizing images, speaking and even interpreting texts, including identifying the feeling (dominant emotional opinion in the text). Robots, which we often envision as a machine that moves and talks, will be everywhere, but not with this concept of trying to reproduce the human body, but with sensors and software that will be storing data and making decisions constantly, without intervention human.

And how do we at GX2 prepare for these trends?

There is no magic, just a lot of dedication, study and action. We are attentive to all this and more than that, we are not just watching, we go to practice. The adoption of DevOps practices and constant improvement of this model that approximates the development of the operation with the objective of simplifying processes, integrating areas, achieving higher quality in deliveries and reducing the response time to the customer is how we meet the first three trends mentioned above. As we say internally: At GX2 it’s DevOps in the vein! We always seek the best use of infrastructure (scalability and monitoring) and agility in the process of development, testing and publication, automating everything that can be automated.

With AI, the fourth trend, we have developed projects with our customers that normally have innovative characteristics, working with leading players in this market such as IBM, Google and SAP. In order to promote the use of this technology and present how to make projects of this nature possible, we created an internal project that transformed our Employee Manual into a virtual assistant where, through a Chatbot, using Natural Language, the assistant interprets the user’s intention and “ delivers ”the answer. We set up a webinar to disclose how we built this solution (can be viewed – here), which is available on web and mobile platforms, where the user can answer questions regarding the company’s processes, such as vacations, workload, compensation and registration of schedules, benefits made available, software installation policy, in addition to and obtaining information on conduct in case of absence, incidents and adverse situations. We strongly believe in the power of DOING, present real cases of use of technologies and share.

Luiz Felipe Garcia, Executive Director of GX2