Why are there still so few women in IT?

Fernanda Pereira, Test Analyst at the GX2 Software House

In this month in which we celebrate International Women’s Day (08/03), we would like to bring a reflection to celebrate this important achievement.

Despite being considered a mostly male space, women are increasingly conquering their space in technology companies, proving to be essential and being welcomed professionally even playing various roles: in addition to professionals, today they are daughters, wives and mothers.

There is much to be done by women in IT and in the job market in general. But the main thing is to change our conception of what a profession is for men or women. Women can – and should – work and study technology. A person’s gender does not define his ability. In this regard, we are all the same. To understand this scenario a little better, we talked to one of our collaborators, Fernanda Pereira, who is now our Test Analyst within the Software House.

Why did you decide to start studying and working with technology? I started working with technology, as it is an area that is constantly evolving and that provides great opportunities in anyone’s career.

What motivates you most about working in the IT field? Technology is part of our daily lives and new discoveries are emerging in this field. So what most motivates me, for sure, are the opportunities that IT provides for professionals to grow and become develop.

We imagine that there are many challenges for women in IT. What are the main ones for you? My biggest difficulty, since when I started in this area, was adapting to a “male” environment and showing that my work is as good as that of the men who work in this area.

Why do you think there are so few women in the IT market? I believe it is for cultural reasons. Because most women see this profession as “work for men”.

Have you ever suffered prejudice or been underestimated for being a woman working with technology? Fortunately no.

What do you think can be done to improve this situation and increase the number of women in IT? I believe that every woman should be more interested. Go back and study this area. Only then would they know that it is a branch full of opportunities and that it is a great opportunity to pursue a career.

If you could give any advice to a girl who wants to study technology, what would it be? Go! Study, stay updated, don’t be shy, take advantage of the opportunities that this area will provide you! You will not regret.

And how is it working with GX2? It’s been a lot of learning. I love what I do and the environment makes me feel even more pleasure in doing my job in the best possible way.