You most likely know what coaching is. But do you know what coachability is?

Coachability is the ability to receive feedback and use this for your growth by applying what has been learned in order to improve your performance. The main point is to be able to absorb the past message and understand constructive criticism, using it in your favor.

When we receive feedback, criticism or even a suggestion, the way we look at it directly influences our performance. When we close ourselves to hearing something negative about our work and let “go in one ear and go out the other,” or we take it personally and do not accept the arguments and vision of our leaders, we lose the opportunity to grow.

Adapting behavior according to what has been received is the best way to be open to personal and professional evolution. Whether with positive feedback, as we understand what is being done well so that we continue to act this way, or negative feedback, where we can understand how to improve.

Thus, having coachability makes you always seek the best of yourself, as a person and as a professional, performing better and better. The first step is to review your reception to criticism and feedbacks and work on it in a way that positively impacts your results.

What about the companies?

Speaking in the professional environment, through the eyes of the company, it is very important to identify the ability coachability in its employees, especially at the time of hiring. Having employees with this characteristic implies continuous growth of the team, since the employee will apply this to their work.

During the hiring process, an evaluation step should be implemented that includes the identification of coachability. Evaluating whether the interviewee is interested in his own growth as well as that of the team, whether he is open to new points of view, take the blame for his mistakes and be open to feedback are some points that demonstrate coachability.

If you still have questions about the importance of coachability in your employees, remember that you will hardly have to fire an employee because of your hard skills: you already know what your technical skills are since before hiring, and you know if it meets your requirements. Usually, the problem occurs in soft skills: sociability, behavior, and of course, coachability.

This is something we have already implemented here at GX2,and we seek this feature in our employees, whether they are from the software or outsourcing factory. It’s something we believe in. In the June/2019 edition of GX2 Talks, we had a conversation about outsourcing and this theme was addressed as one of our differentials of our professionals, because we mapped this skill in our selection process. Take a look at how the event was in the GX2 Talkspost #junho19.