Success Case: IT Professional Allocation between GX2 and DASA

How GX2’s IT Professional Allocation Boosted DASA’s Development Team. DASA, the largest integrated healthcare network in Brazil, serving over 20 million people annually with a high-tech and intuitive experience, partnered with GX2 to accelerate and support their growth by allocating IT professionals.


DASA faced challenges in finding skilled Qlik Sense professionals, a technology for advanced analytics integration with real-time data exchange, to work on updates for their internal analytics tool used by thousands of clients.


Following a diagnostic meeting to understand DASA’s processes and culture, GX2’s recruitment team sent several culturally and technically aligned talents for client selection. It’s worth noting that response times for each stage were established beforehand to ensure a smooth process and clarify responsibilities throughout the allocation journey.

Below is a summary of the results and client testimony from Felipe A. Soares, Advanced Analytics Manager at DASA:

Results and Client Testimonial

“GX2 has a constant concern for the well-being of the allocated professional, both from the client’s perspective and the professional’s. It’s not simply about allocating a consultant, releasing them, and letting the client do as they please. We have had experiences with suppliers who practice this, and I have been in such situations myself as a consultant. It’s not a good experience, but it’s something that professionals allocated by GX2 don’t go through.

The sales team and outsourcing management are all very dear, approachable, and responsive.

Technically, the allocated professional delivers what is needed without much difficulty, meets deadlines, and has knowledge of the technologies we use.

I really like GX2’s service, their methodology for monitoring professionals, and aspects like development, ratings, bonus evaluation. So, all this concern for the human aspect, I already have that with my team. When I learned that you also prioritize it, it made me quite happy because when a consultant arrives here traumatized from other companies and experiences they have had, they usually don’t perform well and only deliver what is requested.

The difference with GX2 lies in their monitoring methodology; you are ahead of other companies in this regard!

I would definitely hire outsourcing services again. I genuinely like GX2 and would highly recommend them to friends!”

Felipe A. Soares – Advanced Analytics Manager – DASA

About the Client

DASA is Brazil’s largest integrated healthcare network. It is part of the lives of over 20 million people annually, providing high-tech and intuitive experiences. With more than 40,000 employees and 250,000 partner doctors, DASA exists to be the desired health partner and fulfill the world’s health needs, being present in every care stage.

Overall, DASA has 15 reference hospitals and over 59 brands in diagnostic medicine and hospitals, distributed across more than 900 units in Brazil. DASA ensures agile and frictionless navigation in the healthcare journey for both patients and doctors through its management platform, Nav.

About GX2

We are accelerators of Digital Transformation for the corporate market. For over 13 years, we have been supporting our clients and partners through our professional outsourcing, managed squads, and Software Factory services. We have an exclusive work methodology and people-centered management approach.

We allocate our talents according to your needs to enhance our partners’ teams and accelerate digital transformation through the use of cutting-edge technologies and agile methods.

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