Outsourcing GX2

We allocate our talents according to the needs to complement our partners’ teams and accelerate digital transformation through the use of cutting-edge technologies and agile methods.

Key features

Get to know our work methodology and people-centered management approach

Caring for people

Taking care of our team through actions such as:

  • Health benefits
  • Safe and pleasant working environment
  • Career development with training, courses, and professional guidance
  • Remote work option
  • Flexible hours

Perfect match between IT companies and professionals

Professional with cultural fit with the client.

Cultural fit is the alignment that an employee has, beyond soft skills and personality traits, with the culture and mission of the client.

Here at GX2, we consider these elements to find candidates with a higher likelihood of motivation, engagement, and longevity within the company.

Talent retention

To retain talents, there are some solutions that we at GX2 believe in and use:

  • Shared management system with constant monitoring
  • Meritocracy system based on performance
  • Strategies and action plans to reduce turnover
  • Regular feedback – biweekly and monthly
  • Follow-up on employee performance – semi-annually

Dedicated management

Team management carried out by HR professionals (not by salespeople), with a focus on employee engagement, recognition of achievements, and professional coaching.

Bi-annual presentation of the follow-up for each professional, including a skills and knowledge map, delivery timeline, and performance and behavioral indicators.

To learn all the details about the FUP and also see some testimonials from our outsourcing clients, watch the video by clicking the button below:

Benefits for the client

Shared responsibility for the management of allocated resources.

GX2’s bonus for allocated resources who finish the semester with an average final evaluation rating of 4 stars or higher in all competencies.

More satisfied, motivated, and engaged professionals aligned with the company’s goals.

Talent retention solutions.


Digio is a digital platform for financial services with the stability of a bank and the agility of a fintech, which had the support of GX2 through talent allocation to accelerate and support the company’s growth.

Successful connection between Grupo Avenida – Retail – and GX2 regarding the results achieved in the development of solutions and digital transformation of the company, led by the IT leader, Ageu Pedro Junior.

Canibuild is a global Australian startup with operations in the USA that operates in the Construtech market. They received support from GX2 through talent allocation to accelerate and support the company’s growth.

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