Inception GX2

In addition to the increasing sophistication of technologies, in every corner of the world, consumers are becoming more demanding about the quality of digital experiences.

Therefore, it is necessary to go beyond basic analysis.

GX2 is prepared to meet the most different scenarios and support its customers in the process of designing their digital products or services, using user-centered design as a strategy.


Fundamental pillars:

that guide our work

Benefits for your business

UX Research

We map all the pains and needs of your target audience through interviews, studies and research techniques, ensuring your mastery of knowledge about the end customer.

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User Experience

Our specialists carry out the planning and execution of usability tests, journey design, usability, information architecture, among others.

Cost reduction

Creation of solutions that balance the following variables: Feasibility, feasibility and desirability, ensuring more assertive business models, with the best results.

let's understand

Organizations are made of people and they must be at the center of processes.

Empathy is essential for understanding scenarios, identifying the needs of people, teams and complex organizational structures.


How it works:

Understand how we integrate Design, Agility and Technology in our process through the following steps:

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