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Bemp is a healthtech that has developed a complete management platform for salons, barbershops and clinics, supported by GX2, through outsourcing, to develop and support the company’s growth.


Canibuild is an Australian startup that operates in the Construtechs market that had the support of GX2, through talent allocation, to accelerate and support the company’s growth.

BRS Healthcare

Successful connection between BRS Healthcare and GX2 that generated a scheduling and videoconferencing platform for teleconsultations, from the vision of Executive Director Rodrigo Franz

Grupo Avenida

Successful connection between Grupo Avenida and GX2 on the results achieved in the development of solutions and digital transformation of the company, from the version of the IT Leader, Ageu Pedro Junior


Successful connection between ComproMed and GX2 for the development of an incredible platform with all the necessary infrastructure, security and trust.

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