FIEP relies on Liferay DXP and GX2 to accelerate results. How the combination of Liferay DXP and our Managed Squad is driving

Auxiliadora Predial relies on GX2 Software Factory Auxiliadora Predial is currently the company with the largest structure for condominium management and real

Legaltech relies on GX2’s support to accelerate its growth Case of the design and development project service between Iris Visual Law and

Powering Data Engineering and IT Team Efficiency at Liber Capital Success case of our IT professionals allocation vertical! In this case, we

Outsourcing of professionals for Triider. How GX2’s IT professionals outsourcing boosted the efficiency of Triider’s infrastructure and development team! The app connects

Australian startup relies on GX2’s services to accelerate its growth. In this edition, we share the success connection of outsourcing between Canibuild

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