About the program Rocket Talents

Rocket Talents is a program that aims to train new talents through an intense and effective training process.

It was designed to provide complete immersion in the proposed technologies, in a dynamic and innovative work environment.

It’s the gateway to your future!

Remembering that it is not necessary to be enrolled in courses in the area of ​​Technology, it is enough to have a great desire to learn.

Soon vacancies open throughout Brazil in remote work format!

How it works

Our learning paths are developed by technical specialists, who follow the Rockets through every step of the way.

Recruitment and selection

candidates who have the desire to enter the IT career

Pre Rocket

3-month stage with initial programming and mentoring content


After the Pre Rocket stage, candidates compete for Rockets vacancies, being part of the GX2 team, now paid

Work at GX2

The Rockets that are approved in the last stage will be included in the team, working on technology projects at GX2

Pre-Rocket Schedule


We are looking for people who:

  • They are self-taught and curious;

  • They like to get their hands dirty;

  • They want to be part of a team focused on results.

It will make a difference if you:

  • Already have knowledge in programming logic, languages, etc;

  • Have some kind of experience, even in personal projects.

Important details

  • The training is accompanied by a Technical Leader from the GX2 team;

  • Assessments and feedback are carried out, referring to technical and behavioral performance;The teaching schedule is pre-established at the beginning of classes.

Our purpose is to form people to join the GX2 talent team!

Why become a Rocket Talent?

Relaxed environment

Engaged team and lots of learning


Challenges and opportunities for career growth.


Platform of courses available in different technologies

Diversity & inclusion

We believe that ethics, respect and valuing people are the essence of all our achievements.

Professional coaching

Psychologist + Coach to improve self-knowledge and develop an action plan

Diversity & Inclusion

We stand for the freedom to be who you are, free from stereotypes and prejudices.

We work daily to build a diverse and plural environment that values ​​and respects differences 🏳️‍🌈


Check out some testimonials from our team members who entered the area through this program