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The satisfaction of our customers is our seal of quality and how we measure our results

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The satisfaction of our customers is our seal of quality and how we measure our results.

Try and discover how our experience, technical knowledge and a mature, agile and efficient software development process allow us to achieve a high level of satisfaction in the systems we deliver to our customers and partners.
Fábio dos Santos Schmitt, IT Manager of the Exicon Group, shares his testimony with our community:
“We believe that the Software Factory model is an excellent option for us due to the possibility of opting for a number of hours and also for setting deadlines and values.
In this way, we are able to work with varied demands, combining the extensive knowledge of the business of our Internal Analysts, creating a structured demand, facilitating the development and delivery by the Factory Programmer.
As we need scale to schedule, instead of hiring a programmer, we prefer to have a service option that can meet the demand of the moment, increase or decrease hours as needed.
We believe this is the secret of the Software Factory: having this flexibility to scale and scale work as you go.

The cycle of hiring people is lengthy, it takes an average of 06 months for the professional to be able to. With the GX2 we already make a forecast, an estimate that is feasible and realistic.

The differential of GX2 is the certifications and management of the demands that we request, this concept adapts to any problems that may arise in the technical part and to emergency needs.”

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