Nestlé Brasil enhances CRM user experience through UX and UI techniques

Discover how our Software Factory team improved the user experience of Nestlé Brasil’s CRM by utilizing UX and UI techniques.

Case GX2 e Nestlé Brasil


Nestlé Brasil identified the need for improvement in their internal CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, known as Project SUV. The project aimed to completely transform the user experience, as the previous system was built on outdated technology, had an unproductive layout, and poor performance (slow screen response time). The new version needed to be modern, intuitive, and fast, with visually appealing screens that would motivate users to engage with the system, as many parallel controls were being used due to the previously mentioned issues.


The project was developed over 8 months by GX2’s Software Factory, and all necessary improvements were made to each module of the system, with a focus on UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface), giving a complete makeover to the interface layer (system screens). Attention was also given to report generation, dashboards, and integrations with the legacy sales system and internal Data Warehouse.

We applied 4 basic UI/UX principles for system prototyping:

>>> Clarity: Actions that do not require captions should convey their purpose at first visual contact.

>>> Objectivity: The system should perform clear and concise actions, minimizing the number of steps required for specific activities.

>>> Consistency: The system should have a standard behavior, where colors and icons represent unique actions, avoiding confusion between different actions with similar representations.

>>> Design: Working with sophisticated, modern, and user-friendly designs.

Client Testimonial

“The partnership was excellent, mainly due to the team that served us. They were always transparent and created a positive atmosphere. We identified with them and built a great connection.

The allocated team possessed extensive technical knowledge, and even when faced with initial uncertainties, they proactively sought solutions.

Hiring GX2 added significant value to my company. Their service met our needs at that moment, and we will consider rehiring GX2 in the future. I have also recommended GX2 to others.”

Bruno Capoluongo – Sales Excellence Manager at Nestlé Brasil

The Importance of UX (User Experience) for Business

UX aims to ensure that customers consistently have a positive experience. As a result, customers tend to stay with the services longer, become more receptive to upgrades and new purchases, spread the word about the brand, and contribute to product and service improvement.

About the client

With nearly 100 years of history, Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company and has a presence in 99% of the Brazilian market.

About GX2

We are accelerators of Digital Transformation for the corporate market. For over 13 years, we have been supporting our clients and partners through our professional outsourcing, managed squads, and Software Factory services.

We have an exclusive work methodology and people-centered management approach.

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