Series: Women in the IT market - Nathalia Mella​

We interviewed Nathalia Mella, Project Manager, to talk about her professional trajectory, learn about her achievements and challenges encountered in everyday life

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In history, the first algorithm developed was made by a woman named Ada Lovelace. Numerous programming languages ​​have been created by female audiences: Sister Mary Kenneth Keller (BASIC), Grace Hopper (COBOL).

However, the IT market still has little female representation and even with so many amazing women in history, there are still those who believe that technology is not for women.

Breaking this paradigm, many women dodge prejudices and occupy strategic leadership positions in companies such as Google, Yahoo!, IBM, among others.

To understand this scenario a little better, we interviewed Nathalia Mella, Project Manager, to talk about her professional trajectory, learn about her daily achievements and challenges.

Check it out below!

1. Do you think there is a lack of women in the IT field?

Absolutely yes, the IT area, despite showing some discreet movements in search of equality, is predominantly aimed at the male universe.

2. What are the strengths that women can and have brought to the IT field?

I don’t believe in nor support the speeches that say men are strong in some skills and women in others. I believe skills are developed and improved, regardless of gender. That said, the presence of women in IT creates balance, consideration and equality.

3. Have you thought about working in another area? When did you discover your vocation to work with technology?

10 years ago, having just arrived from an exchange in the US, I found myself lost professionally, I was looking for something that would inspire me.

At that time, I had no idea what IT really was, but during this exchange, I had had contact with several Brazilians who worked with technology outside Brazil.

There I saw an opportunity and went in search of training and knowledge in the area.

4. What most motivates you to work in the IT field?

Technology is dynamic, which changes according to the needs and challenges of the environment and society. This is inspiring!

5. Have you ever felt any kind of prejudice or resistance in the job market for being a woman?

Yes! It’s even hard for some male egos to be led by a female, there’s a bit of resistance and mistrust. I confess that at the beginning of my career it bothered me, I needed to prove myself all the time, I pulled and charged too much, but today I’m already dealing with this well, I know my value and capacity and with flexibility I’m tracing my trajectory.

6. Could you leave a message of encouragement for women who dream of working in IT or in some other area that still faces resistance?

Women can and should work and study technology or whatever they want. Gender does not define one’s ability, never doubt female empowerment.

7. How is the partnership and the way GX2 works, would you highlight anything?

It has been a super cool partnership, just to give vision to women’s performance in our area, it already represents attention and interest with the movement.