Women in IT - Women's Month special with Camila Grala

Camila Grala talks about the challenges of the career of Women in IT – special Women’s Month

In this post you will read:

1) How Camila Grala, scrum master of one of our partners, started at TI
2) What are your biggest challenges?
3) Message of encouragement to other women who want to enter IT
4) Partnership with GX2

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1) How Camila Grala, scrum master of one of our partners, started at IT

Camila has been working in the technology area for 11 years. It all started when she accepted a challenge to venture into the IT world as an intern. From then on, each day of his career went through several learning experiences.

2) What are your biggest challenges faced?

Camila suffered in a market that has a small female audience, but that did not deter her from conquering her space. He sought new knowledge so that he could increasingly show what he could contribute. Luckily, all the companies she passed through made it possible to open this space. Currently as a scrum master at a healthcare company, she is the enabler for agile technology teams that are bravely looking for new solutions to make people’s lives easier.

3) Message of support for other women who want to enter IT

Camila highlights: “There is no market where we women cannot enter, no matter what anyone says, we are capable of everything we dream of”.

4) Partnership with GX2

According to Camila, the GX2 always knew how to respect her as an equal.

“I have always had great service and I felt that I was being treated as an equal, respecting my skills and needs”.

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