Vanessa talks about the challenges of the career of Women in TI

We interviewed some women who make a difference to the IT universe and throughout Women’s Month we will share with you the challenges and opportunities in the area.

In this post you will read:

1) How Vanessa Monticelli, founder of a company owned by one of our partners, got started in IT

2) What are your biggest challenges?

3) Message of encouragement to other women who want to enter IT

4) Partnership with GX2


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1) How Vanessa Monticelli, founder of a company owned by one of our partners, got started in IT

As a 15th birthday present I got a computer from my parents instead of a party. What allowed my brother to start in the IT area and, later, under his influence, so did I. I worked with information security and electronic fraud prevention. In 2015 I founded TiqueTaque, a hardware and apps HRTech that uses technology to change the time and attendance experience for companies and employees. Altogether there are 17 years of learning and experience in the area.

2) What are your biggest challenges faced?

I have always seen any possible sign of prejudice as an opportunity to prove otherwise. None of these situations were relevant to the point that I considered them to be significant for my life.

3) Message of support for other women who want to enter IT

Vanessa highlights: “Believe in yourself! Any area has its challenges. Each person decides how they will write their own story. Dedicate yourself, study, be curious, talk to people, exchange ideas. Some doors will not open, but those that do will provide you with invaluable learning. Whatever you do, do it with dedication and affection, so that up front, you can be proud of what you’ve built.

Just keep swimming”.

4) Partnership with GX2

According to Vanessa, the GX2 always knew how to respect it as an equal.

“My relationship with the GX2 has always been one of great respect and attention. Without my needing, they were willing.”

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