We develop people, software, and businesses.

With over 14 years of experience, we operate globally, delivering digital solutions to our clients and partners.

We create value through people-centered management, fostering growth and positive impact on businesses.


Get to know GX2’s main business fronts


Allocation of qualified technology professionals as needed to support and accelerate the innovation and technology journey for our partners.


Custom software development tailored to your needs. We build unique experiences that create value for your business!


Structuring your product or service with our team, defining scope, creating prototypes, and assembling your project’s scope!

Portals with Liferay

We are a certified partner of Liferay, a flexible and integrated platform for building portals with a focus on personalized digital experiences.

QA / Test automation

Validate your solution before the go-to-market and ensure a successful launch

Data Science

Take assertive decisions based on reliable information

Accelerate your business with GX2

Who already trusts us

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We are located in Innovation Hubs in the states of RS, SP, and MG.

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There is no lack of challenges and learning in our various performance opportunities. Find the job you most identify with and send your resume!

At GX2 we believe that ethics, respect, and valuing people are the essence of all our accomplishments.

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